SAG-E Voice Actor, Co-Owner of LazuArts Entertainment, and a Nintendo Fan.


Nicholas Markgraf

Nicholas Markgraf is an actor & voice actor in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas. Nicholas has always held a strong love for cartoons and Nintendo growing up and would often mimic voices he heard on TV. Originally working in the technology and IT world, his passion for creative endeavors inspired a complete shift to the entertainment industry that he later utilized to pursue his voice acting career.Nicholas has worked on titles with studios such as Disney+, Crunchyroll and Sound Cadence and can be heard in a variety of video games, cartoons, and anime.When Nicholas isn't honing his voice acting craft, he is often involved in creative pursuits at LazuArts Entertainment, an Emmy Award winning studio he co-owns with his business partner Brian Holder. He's gained a rounded view of the industry based on his experiences in various positions. He is easy to work with and strives for excellence in all he does. LazuArts Entertainment is an Emmy Award winning dubbing studio in Dallas that localizes video games, animation, TV shows, movies and more.Outside of voice acting and business, Nicholas likes creating online content, tinkering with the latest technology and adding to his ever growing Nintendo collection. He also loves cinematography, considers himself an amateur videographer and enjoys putting together rigs he possibly couldn't afford. He also particularly loves cooking steaks, and having get-togethers for some friendship breaking Mario Party.




Race of the Nine WorldsLurkOuroboros Studios
A Galaxy Next DoorHayato SanoAmazon Prime/Crunchyroll
State of SurvivalRobbieFunPlusGames
The Tale of FoodYu-Yang (Treasure In Fish)Mad Fun Game
AoashiHasegawa/SaekiApple TV/Crunchyroll
Blue LockTobio Madoka/Shinichi KonanHulu/Crunchyroll
MF GhostYamashitaAmazon Prime/Crunchyroll
Shoot! Goal To the FutureNakasawaAmazon Prime/Crunchyroll
One-Percent WarriorJunpeiLazuArts Entertainment
Skeleton Knight in Another WorldKaecksAmazon Prime/Crunchyroll
Iron DragonBlacksmith’s AssistantLion Forge Animations
Sacrificial Princess and the King of BeastsLizard AssassinCrunchyroll
Big MouthAdditional VoicesIyuuno/Disney+
Attack on TitanAdditional VoicesHulu/Crunchyroll
A Dog's CourageAdditional VoicesLazuArts Entertainment
The Prince of TennisAdditional VoicesAmazon Prime/Sound Cadence
Tribe NineAdditional VoicesSound Cadence
Chainsaw ManAdditional VoicesNetflix/Crunchyroll
My Hero AcademiaAdditional VoicesHulu/Crunchyroll
One PieceAdditional VoicesFUNimation
I got a Cheat Skill in Another WorldAdditional VoicesCrunchyroll
Kaiju No. 8Additional VoicesCrunchyroll
The Great Jahy Won’t Be Defeated!Additional VoicesCrunchyroll


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Tyler WalkerWriting/Directing Workshop
Bryan MasseyVO Workshop
Jose SandovalEngineering Workshop
Jerry JewellVO Workshop
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